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Antonella Serà


Antonella Serà began her career as a refined and attentive performer, and then continued as a singer-songwriter, giving life to an interesting new repertoire. In her singing we hear references to Brazilian and jazz music which give a special touch to her performances.

During the period of intense activity that involved her in concerts, festivals, radio and television broadcasts, important collaborations were born with some of the best Italian musicians such as Mario Arcari, Ellade Bandini, Armando Corsi, Antonio Marangolo, Carlo Marrale, Riccardo Tesi , Fabio Vernizzi, Vincenzo Zitello.

Her friendship with the masters Umberto Bindi and Bruno Lauzi reinforces her passion for songwriting which leads her to develop different “live” projects every year: experiences, emotions, memories, everything passes through music and the songs become references important.

In his projects, music, love and nature merge, infinite universes made of a thousand shades, which inspire his creativity on a daily basis.

Since 2000 she has combined her artistic activity with that of teaching which led her to open the A.L.C.A.demia music school (Ligurian Academy of Songwriting) in 2006, where her “Piccolo coro Lollipop” and the national music competition were born “The moon on a leash”.

To get to know her better, read how she tells herself, in these few words:

“I love my job as I love my life, I am myself when I sing, I am happy if I smell Nature and can dedicate myself to my plants.

I like Brazilian music and genuine food. I currently have two cuddly dogs and my family is a blessing.

Living in harmony is not easy, especially in this historical period, but it is my priority!”