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Antonella Serà


(sono SOLO canzoni d’Amore)

A new artistic project, a concert that will soon become a new recording.

We talk about Love, this word so often overlooked but which manages to keep us alive beyond all expectations, a Love that can manifest itself in many different forms and intensities.

There is no definition of Love that is unique and universal, but in the show “Cuore” this feeling feels strong and concrete.
Through Antonella Serà’s unpublished compositions and some evocative covers we will talk about love for life, for music, for oneself, for one’s city, we will talk about passionate and unique love, the one that overwhelms you, that disappoints you, that resurfaces, that ends.

The single “Un amore nuovo” written together with Chiara Ragnini will be released in June.

A refined performer and original singer-songwriter, Antonella Serà always manages to involve the audience in a journey full of emotions.

The musicians who play with her share the same feelings as her.

A performance not to be missed!