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  • In February 2003 he recorded, under the patronage of the Liguria Region, the single CD “Riviera, omaggio a Umberto Bindi”, in Italian and English versions, which became the soundtrack of the Ligurian Riviera (promoted during the 2003 and 2004 edition of the Sanremo Festival). For this reason, on 3 July 2003 he was broadcast live on Rai Radio1, in the program “Music Club”, hosted by Vittorio Castelnuovo.
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  • Summer 2004 the recording project “Oro e Blu” presented in the Castle of Rio Maggiore (SP) in collaboration with the 5 Terre National Park. The album contains songs written by Serà herself and the unreleased song “Oro e Blu” by maestro Umberto Bindi, paid to her before his passing. Inside the presentation and introduction to listening to the singer-songwriter-poet Bruno Lauzi and the journalist Vittorio Castelnuovo.
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  • The new recording projectc “CUORE (sono SOLO canzoni d’amore)” stats in 2024. We will talk about Love, this word so often overlooked but which manages to keep us alive beyond all expectations, a Love that can manifest itself in many different forms and intensities. The love for life, for music, for oneself, for one’s city, the passionate and unique love, the one that overwhelms you, that disappoints you, that resurfaces, that ends. The single “Un amore nuovo” written together with Chiara Ragnini will be released in June.

Recording collaborations

  • 1995

    Compact disc “Itinerari” by Armando Corsi.

  • 1997

    Video-concert “Anima Latina” by Armando Corsi.

  • 1999

    Compact disc “live” “Aia da respià” (Aria da respirare) recorded on June 21st (national music day Fète de la Musique) for the event organized by the Municipality of Genoa entitled "Genova canta De Andrè", interpreting "La canzone di Marinella".

  • 2012

    Double compact disc “live” “Ciao ragazzo” by Chico Buarque de Hollanda, created by Club Tenco and published by Ala Bianca, where he performed “Occhi negli occhi”.

  • 2013

    Homage to Umberto Bindi, “Il mio mondo solidale” produced by La Voce delle Donne – Roma.